Round table Rijeka

Dr Tamara Banjeglav

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Rijeka

The First Stage of the Holocaust in Croatia Roundtable, Rijeka

University of Rijeka,
1 June 2017

The participants of the round table, held at the Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka, were: Milovan Pisarri, PhD, director of the Centre for Public History, Nikola Radic on behalf of the CHRE, professor Vjeran Pavlakovic and Filip Skiljan, PhD, Research Fellow, at the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies (Zagreb) on behalf of the team who carried out the research on the killing sites in Croatia. The aim was to present the results of the project and to develop new activities related to the study of the first stage of the Holocaust. The introductory lecture was given by Tamara Banjeglav, PhD from the Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka. Milovan Pisarri, PhD, presented the project, while Nikola Radic spoke in detail about the methodology used to map the locations, and the results of research in Serbia. Professor Vjeran Pavlakovic and Filip Skiljan, PhD spoke about the mapping in Croatia, about archival discoveries as well as research in the field, especially in Jadovno.