Leskovac Documents

List of names of the victims of execution

AJ-110-582-17, AJ-110-582-18 (PDF, 1,5 MB)



The reports of collaborationist and post-war police on executions in Leskovac

AJ-110-852-11, AJ-110-852-13



Testimony of Kadira Idić about the killing of her husband and the other Roma from Leskovac

AJ, 110-582-20



A list of criminals of war responsible for the mass shooting in Leskovac

AJ, 110-582-19



Interrogatory of Stefan Cekic, chief of the Serbian collaborationist police in Leskovac in 1941

AJ, 110-582-37



Prosecutions of the German and Serbian criminals responsible for the mass killing in Leskovac

AJ, 110-582-49 to 58 (PDF, 5,3 MB)