Killing Sites




  • 14 and 15 October 1941 - members of resistance movement attack German units in Kraljevo, causing enemy losses of 14 dead and 10 wounded
  • 15-20 October 1941 - in retaliation, German forces shoot about 2,190 civilians
  • 1970 - a memorial park dedicated to the victims built



In October 1941, during the uprising in Serbia, the town of Kraljevo was in German hands, as the base for the majority of their troops which had retreated from the Uzice region after they had been forced to withdraw by the members of the resistance movement. Awaiting a Partisan attack and fearing that the insurgents would be joined by the working class of Kraljevo employed at the local airplane and locomotive factories as well as the railways, the German authorities ordered their arrest.

Several days later, that is, in the night between 14 and 15 October, Partisan forces attacked Kraljevo, but were warded off, having killed 14 and wounded 10 enemies. The following day, German authorities ordered and carried out arrests of all men they could find between the ages of 14 and 60 years. In the following three days, all the arrested 1,736 men and 19 women were shot by the German army near the locomotive factory in which they had been held hostage. According to available data, the total number of victims of the massacre in Kraljevo is 2,190 people, almost all of Serbian nationality.

In 1970, a memorial park was built at the site of mass executions, as the central place of remembrance and commemoration ceremonies which are held regularly every year. Since 1950, the National Museum of Kraljevo has been collecting documents, memories and other materials on the massacre, which are available to the public through the museum’s permanent exhibition. The list of victims is published on the website of this institution.