Jajinci Documents

Document of the Yugoslav State Commission for the Determination of Crimes about the exhumation and the incineration of the victims killed in Jajinci

AJ, 110-613-465 to 471 (PDF, 5,8 MB)



Verdict against Hand Irmer, participant of the executions in Jajinci

AJ - 110-908-407/47



Testimony of Vladimir Milutinovic about digging mass graves in Jajinci




Testimony of Moric Abinun about the camps of Sajmise, Topovske supe and Banjica, as well as about the mass killing of the Jews in Jajinci

AJ,.110-593-165, 166 (PDF 2,4 MB)



Interrogatory of Wilhelm Temper, Gestapo officer at the head of the operations of digging out and burning of the victims killed in Jajinci

(partially in English language)
AJ, 110-229-794 to 802 (PDF 3,8 MB)