Killing Sites




  • 9 October 1941 - the German army platoon under the command of Lieutenant Liepe carries out a mass shooting at a place called Cardak at Deliblato
  • June 1944 - in order to remove the traces of the crimes, the special German units carry out the exhumation and incineration of the bodies of murdered Jews
  • July 7 1955 - a monument with a plaque dedicated to the victims of the shooting is unveiled on the occasion of commemorating the 14th anniversary of the uprising in Serbia



On 8 October, on General Böhme orders, a volunteer firing squad was set up out of the companies that had suffered losses near Topola. Within a few days it was to carry out three execution campaigns near Belgrade. More volunteers from these companies came forward than was necessary, a total of 30-40 soldiers. They were commanded by lieutenant Walter Liepe who compiled a detailed report on this event. On 9 October, they carried out the first execution 12 kilometres northeast of the town of Kovin, killing a total of 180 people. The hostages had been brought by truck from the Topovske supe camp, convinced that they would be transported or taken for a labour assignment. As Liepe notes in his report, they rejoiced leaving the camp. They were stripped of their valuables on-site and shot in small groups. The executions were supervised by the two non-commissioned Wehrmacht officers and the SS and Gestapo Oberscharführer Edgar Enge, who would become deputy to Herbert Andorfer, the Sajmiste camp Commander a few months later.

The monument in Cardak, close to Deliblato, is located in the Deliblato Sands Nature Reseve, at the location in which groups of Jews were executed. It was created in 1955.

No commemorations take place at the location of the shootings and today it is considered forgotten, even though the local association of veterans (SUBNOR) published a report in 2013 requesting that road signs be put up and the location cleaned.

44°52'00.2"N 21°03'41.5"E

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