Killing Sites

Bubanj potok



  • October 1941 (probably) - mass shooting of one or more groups of Jews from the Topovske supe camp in Belgrade



Bubanj potok is a location south of Belgrade, near the road leading from the capital to Avala mountain. According to the available archival sources, a mass shooting of Jews was carried out there in the autumn of 1941. Although almost nothing is as yet known about this event, one can assume that the location was chosen by the German occupying forces because of its vicinity to the of quarries and the valleys, the type of terrain conducive to the nature of the task that the German army had.

In addition to Jajinci, Rakovica, Jabuka and Ledine (Trostruki surduk), Bubanje potok is the fifth location in the vicinity of Belgrade in which mass executions of Jews were carried out.

The location research is still ongoing.

44°44'03.7"N 20°32'17.0"E

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